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Audio / Video Editing

The pandemic has made it impossible to rehearse and perform together as an ensemble. Choirs everywhere are looking for ways to stay connected and continue making music together, whether it be for the upcoming holiday season, university/public school concert season, or just to stay connected to each other and their supporters. I am an experienced virtual choir A/V engineer and would love to help your choir continue to make music virtually until it is safe to make music together!

Here is how it works.

1. The pianist/organist records their part (video is optional, but audio only is perfectly fine). If the song is unaccompanied, the pianist records an audio rehearsal track to assist the choir in the recording of their parts.

2. Choir members record a video of their part on a smartphone or computer while listening to the accompaniment on headphones.

3. You send me every video and I do the rest to create an in-tune, in-sync, high quality virtual performance to share with whomever you wish!

                                     High Holy Days -- September 2020 


                           "Bashana" BEFORE editing                                        "Bashana" AFTER editing

Engineering time differs based on length of piece and the number of choir

members, so contact me with details and I will give you a FREE QUOTE!

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