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Stage Works

The March: A Civil Rights Opera Project (2011-12)     Libretto: Alan Marshall

          Collection of vignettes depicting the planning of the March on Washington of 1963

          Soloists and orchestra (Detailed vocal and orchestral information available upon request)


          Complete list of productions:

                    Joel Hall Dance Company, 2012

                    Chicago Temple, 2012

                    First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, 2012                     

                    South Shore Opera Company, 2012

                    North Park Covenant Church, Chicago, 2012

"In the final opera excerpt, Emmett Till, who was lynched in Money, Mississippi in 1955, appears as a ghost during the African American leaders meeting. In a stunning aria entitled “March For Me,” Tenor Anthony McGlaun was accompanied by clarinetist Cory Tiffin playing what will become an alto saxophone part in the finished score. This was the musical highlight of the evening for us and its deep emotional expression brought tears to our eyes."


Edward's Eatery (2012)     Written as part of Atlanta Opera's "24-Hour Opera Project"     Libretto: Madeleine St. Romain

          10-minute opera written in 12 hours, from 6pm, January 20 to 6am, January 21.

          Requirements: Must incorporate the theme "accidental affair" and must feature two surprise props: sausage links and a fishing net

          Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Baritone, Piano 


Knightly News (2010-12)     Commissioned by Chicago Opera Playhouse     Libretto: Jonathan Stinson and Sarah Rogevich

          One-act family opera combining elements of “Cinderella”, “Little Red Riding Hood”, and “The Three Little Pigs”

          Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Tenor, Baritone, Piano

          Complete list of productions: 

                    Atlanta Opera,  2014

                    Green Light Vocal Productions (IL), 2014

                    Chicago Opera Playhouse, 2012-2013

"Chicago Opera Playhouse just returned from our Central Illinois tour of Knightly News. We did five shows in three days (Jan. 24-26)

One 6th grade student at Quest Charter Academy said that this was the best day of his life and he asked if we could do the performance at their school the very next day…. Saturday!"

                                                                                  --Linden Christ, Artistic Director of Chicago Opera Playhouse

The Three Bears (2006-07)     Commissioned by Opera Memphis     Libretto: Jonathan Stinson

          One-act family opera--A sequel to "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" 

          Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Tenor, Baritone, Piano


          Complete list of productions:

                    Seagle Music Colony, 2020

                    Lougheed-Kofoed Festival of the Arts, SUNY Potsdam, 2017

                    Pickens Hall, Heuvelton, NY, 2017

                    Green Light Vocal Productions, 2013-2014

                    Reach Out Kansas Opera Outreach, 2011

                    Chicago Opera Playhouse, 2009-2010

                    University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2008

                    Opera Memphis, 2007

“This music is accessible to the average listener, yet still complicated enough to be fulfilling for a more seasoned performer. I found this opera easy and enjoyable to stage. Stinson is one of those rare composers who writes music that is both easy to stage (providing many musical moments that lend themselves to particular actions or emotions), yet doesn't force a director into one particular choice. I felt free to implement my own creativity, yet never felt like I had to create action that was lacking in the music.”


                                                                           --Julie Wyma, soprano and stage director

"Goldilocks and the Three Bears [is] a fun-filled children’s opera that is loaded with laughs! Jonathan Stinson’s adaptation of the classic tale is complete with mistaken identities, a chase through the audience, and a chance for all the kids in the audience to participate."

                                                                            --Charles Martinez, founder of Reach Out Kansas Opera Outreach

Song Cycles

Uncivil Relief (2017-19)     Text: Jonathan Stinson  

          Nine songs for tenor and piano (baritone key available)

          Commissioned by Robin Griffeath 

Silent Music of Infinity (2009)     Text: Sara Teasdale        

          Five songs for tenor and piano (baritone key available)

Six Songs on the Poetry of Goethe (2008)     Text: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe    

          Six songs for soprano and piano


Trois poèmes de Jacque Prévert (2003)     Text: Jacque Prévert    

          Three songs for medium voice and marimba (piano-voice version available)


Where the Sidewalk Ends (2002)     Text: Shel Silverstein    

          Five songs for soprano and piano


Two Love Songs (2002)     Text: Janet Honour    

          Two songs for medium voice and piano


Tränenlieder (2001)     Text: Adelbert von Chamisso, Heinrich Heine, and Hermann Lingg    

          Five songs for baritone, cello, and piano

Choral Works

Shalom rav (2019)    Text: Traditional

         SATB, piano     4' 

Mi shebeirach (2019)    Text: Traditional

         SATB, piano     3'

*Faciamus hominem (2018)                                                                      *Awarded Second Prize of the 2018 Twelfth Annual 

         SATB, cello, organ     4'                                                                         International Anthem Competition (Worcester, MA)


Ma'oz Tzur (2017)     Text: Traditional   

         SATB, a capella     4'

*Beloved (2015)     Text: 1 John 4:11-13                                                 *Awarded the Grand Prize of the 2015 Ninth Annual                                Baritone or Tenor solo, SATB, cello, and organ     4'                       International Anthem Competition (Worcester, MA)

Rejoice in the Lord (2014)     Text: Philippians 4: 4-7         

          SATB, flute, and organ     4'

*Reason, Season, Lifetime (2013)     Text: anonymous                       *In memoriam Mark Wesley Brax (1989-2012)

          Baritone solo, SSAATTBB, a capella     11'


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